Port Logistics

Customs declaration service


Customs declaration service:

Our expertise customs brokers within our team can provide customers declaration service for pulp import and transshipment. Our inside customs broker’s know-how can not only keep our customers update customs policies regarding tariff, anti-dumpling, processing trade etc., but also can provide customers the optimized solution for customs clearance.


Service scope:

Customs declaration, declaration documentation guiding, customs inspection agency, consulting service for customs policies.

Warehousing management service


Warehousing facilities:

Qingdao Qianwan Port has 13 inside warehousing facilities, which are available for bonded or non-bonded pulp storage. Total warehousing coverage is 130 thousands sqm with the storage capacity of about 280 thousands MT. Additional 60 thousands sqm of warehousing facilities are also available for pulp storage as the optional facility. All the warehousing facilities are located within the port and adjacent to the bulk and container terminals.


Service scope:

Our port logistics service include one stop service covering warehouse  inbound and outbound tally service, bar-code reading service, cargo receiving and order sorting service, inventory management and order fulfillment service under EXW terms.

Container handling


Container terminals:

Through liner service, Qingdao Port has connection with more than 130 countries and more than 450 ports around the world. It is the hub port in China for liners. In 2014, the port container throughput has reached 16.58Million TEU, among which containerized pulp throughput has amounted to 140 thousands TEU. Qingdao Qianwan port (Phase III and Phase IV) has the quay line of 6896m long, with the deepest water depth of -20m, which can serve the vessel of 20000TEU. Liner service through Qingdao port covers the major pulp production area around the world, such as North Europe, South East Asia, North America, Oceania, and South America.


Service scope:

Our port logistics service include one stop service covering all the related operation of port procedures, liner procedures, local container haulage and container devanning and loading service.

Bulk vessel handling


Bulk pulp terminals:

Qingdao Port has seven bulk terminals to handle bulk pulp arrival with the total quay line of more than 1500m long, and the deepest water depth of 13.5m. The terminal of 17.5m water depth is also available as optional. Ships of Handysize, Handymax and Panamax or even bigger size can be served at bulk pulp terminals. 24 hours port operation is available with average productivity of 12000mt/day.

Every month, the port receive more than twenty arrivals of pulp vessels, with port of loading covering the main pulp production area, such as Canada, USA, Uruguay, Brazil, Chile, Indonesia, New Zealand, Finland etc. In 2014, the port has handled more than 2.5Million tons of bulk pulp arrival.


Service scope:

Our port logistics service provide one stop service covering bulk vessel discharging handling, transshipment handling, vessel loading handling, terminal haulage, port operation, cargo receiving and cargo pick up.

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