About Us

  Company profile

Qingdao Port is located at China’s No. 1 province of paper production-Shan Dong Province. The port’s annual pulp import throughput amounted to more than 4.4Million tons in 2014.Qingdao Port Pulp Logistics Company is a subsidiary company of Qingdao Port, in which Qingdao Port Group are the controlling share holder. The company aims to consolidate all the aspects of port resources to provide one stop integrated logistics service to pulp suppliers/buyers based in Qingdao Port. The company’s main customers are those pulp suppliers/buyers who use Qingdao Port as the hub of distribution in China local market and also Greater Asia.

Our service covers port operation and service, storage and inventory management (both bonded and non-bonded), China local delivery, sea transshipment delivery, customs declaration and consulting service, insurance agency, financing and financial logistics and issuing of QDPII(Qingdao Port Pulp Inventory Index) on behalf of Qingdao Port. We are based in Qingdao Port, however, our service covers the geographical area of China inland, China costal, and other Asian destination, such as Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia,Australia.

The company is new in the market, however, our service team and service facility have been serving in pulp logistics business for more than 10 years on behalf of Qingdao Port. The majority of our customers have been those well-known oversea pulp suppliers around the world. Our team’s long time acuminated expertise and experience in handling pulp put the company in a better position to understand the real need of market and to know how to satisfy the customer.

Corporate culture concept: Dedicated service, Cost effective, Customer oriented, Integrated development, Win-win strategy.

Company vision: We aim to realize professionalization, internationalization, networking, and trade convenience through the development of one stop service platform and to be the leader in Asia pulp market for port logistics.

   Our business strength 

1.Respectable brand name: Qingdao Port


2.Trustable credit: Strong back up from the controlling share holder-Qingdao Port

3.Dependable integrated service platform: The only one stop service platform of Qingdao Port to serve pulp logistics

4.Sustainable innovative service: Grow with pulp industry for more value added service

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